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When you turn on Gatekeeper in OS X There are two security settings for Gatekeeper: to allow only programs downloaded from the Mac App Store to run on the system, or to extend this trust to signed applications created by developers in Apple's developer program. In a way this approach is very similar to Apple's KidSafe parental controls feature in its iTools services Apple's predecessor to.

Mac, MobileMe, and iCloud back in , in which the company maintained a library of approved Web sites that were allowed to be viewed on a system. Unfortunately the vastness and complexity of the Web crushed the feasibility of this venture, but Apple's tightly controlled developer program and App Store distribution service make this type of approach more practical when it comes to programs.

What Gatekeeper in OS X means for Mac security - CNET

Apple can take advantage of the Mac App Store's popularity to block out any harmful material, should you wish to subscribe to it. Even with this new technology and Apple's efforts to get developers to join its developer program, there are many useful and legitimate programs for OS X that do not subscribe to Apple's developer program and are distributed on developer Web sites instead of through the Mac App Store.

Luckily, in Mountain Lion you can allow these programs to run by right-clicking them and installing them despite your chosen level of Gatekeeper security, or by disabling Gatekeeper altogether; however, you will need to be a little more aware of the programs you install on your system. A final point about Gatekeeper is it works by using the quarantine extended attribute that the system tags to files when they are downloaded. This means that it will only work on programs that are downloaded to the system, and will not protect you from Web-based threats such as Javascript-based trojans that execute within your Web browser.

New Security Features in OS X Mountain Lion

As a result, any warnings or mention of malware security is often balked by Apple users, who argue their core is untouchable and void of common malware threats. But life evolves and things change, including the PC market share of Apple that today nearly equals its rival, Microsoft, thanks to iPad, making them an even bigger target than before.

OS X Mountain Lion

All technology users need to understand that cybercrime is a billion-dollar industry and more important, evil is not bias. Cybercrooks do not care who they hurt and constantly seek new victims and new ways to cheat them out of money. Whether the draw is its growing user base or the mere challenge of penetrating its defense, security researchers are seeing more and more malware created to specifically take a bite out of Apple. Gatekeeper is Apples' fortified antimalware security feature, building upon present malware checks to restrict where downloads or apps sourced from.

Users have the option of choosing among three levels of security; Mac Apple store default ; Mac Apple store and identified developers id ; Anywhere.

Changing OS X Mountain Lion's Software Security Settings

It is believed Pintsized relies on an exploit to bypass Gatekeeper; which one is not yet known. Once inside, it sets up a reverse shell so that if the controller can periodically communicate with the infected machine and not vice versa, thus helping it bypass firewalls.

Thankfully, the commands are written in Perl scripts and thus are easily identifiable, at least for those technically savvy.

Mac Os X Lion Dmg

Pintsized is set up to run each time the user logs in and operates off a plist property list structure so that it is always running in the background. The malware maker of Pintsized is relying on the boastful arrogance of Apple users, especially those unaware that their Gatekeeper has fallen asleep on the job. Without proper alert, the invasion and attack will remain under the radar, so you may not be aware that your system has been robbed of vital data or turned into a zombie that can be used in a DNS strike.

Gatekeeper is a revolutionary new security feature that gives you control over which apps can be downloaded and installed on your Mac. You can choose to install apps from any source, just as you do on a Mac today, or you can use the safer default setting to install apps from the Mac App Store, along with apps from developers that have a unique Developer ID from Apple.

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For maximum security, you can set Gatekeeper to only allow apps from the Mac App Store to be downloaded and installed. Mountain Lion also has features specifically designed to support Chinese users, including significant enhancements to the Chinese input method and the option to select Baidu search in Safari. Chinese users can also upload video via Share Sheets directly to leading video websites Youku and Tudou, and system-wide support for Sina weibo makes microblogging easy.