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In order to download my OS from my USB into my hard drive, I believe I need to partition and erase my drive, however I get the error that the disk cannot be unmounted, most likely because the volume is being used? I have tried forcing the disk to unmount several times and have been stuck on this issue for days.

If you were to purchase Lion from Apple, then a requirement to install would be to have Snow Leopard already installed. In other words, the DMG file only offers an upgrade to Lion. You probably can not use the DMG file to create a bootable installer. You can read the requirements from this Apple website.

Install OS X Lion Using a Bootable DVD

You can decline to give an Apple ID if you wish. I have not tried any of these methods. If you succeed, then maybe you could post a method that works. Once you have Snow Leopard installed, you should install all the available Snow Leopard updates.

From here, you could upgrade to Lion by using your DMG file. Or, you could open Safari and search for the Apple website where you can download a free upgrade to El Capitan. Apple does not charge for creating new Apple IDs. This will cause it to boot into recovery mode.

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When you're in recovery mode, a stripped version of the OS is loaded into memory, so you should be able to format your drive and perform an install. Mac OS X Lion is ancient at this point. It would be great to know which iMac you have and why you're still running Lion. Is it a PowerPC based Mac? Also, do you have Internet access? Normally that's the best bet all around. Let me also ask Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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