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Even if the rules required further customization from there to accommodate Airmail's different rules format and options, that would streamline things greatly! Add the ability to bounce emails to the rules so that incoming messages that match the rule can be bounced automatically without user intervention. It would be even better if users could select a "matches regex" filter in addition to the other filters contains, does not contain, begins with This would make message filtering way more powerful and flexible, and it seems like the implementation would not be difficult.

Forwarding Email from Outlook for Mac

The rules window needs to be improved to make it more understandable. As you can see in the attached screenshot the mailbox selection should go above the if statement. That would make more sense since right now it looks like "any" single rule can activate the action which would mean "any mail in my inboxes" not just the ones that are true for the lines following the account selection line. I've included a screenshot of how I think the rules should look.

I've included a screenshot… more.

How to add email rules in Apple Mac Mail

Seems like the rules feature for the job only it is missing some small functionality for that - the ability to create a rule that on specific days snoozes emails from certain senders to other days. This could be done by either adding a condition that triggers on specific days of the week, or giving the ability to enable disable rules by the day of the week. I run a business where I need to be able to see the emails in my inbox for hours but then i want them automatically sorted into the right folder.

Currently with the rules I can only have the rule active or inactive and when they are reactivated the rules do not apply to messages already in the inbox only to incoming messages. I created several rules that would filter advertiser emails to automatically move from my inbox to a temporary archive.

I also created a rule to empty out any emails in temp archive which are older than 60 days. Things worked great until I launched Airmail on my iPad. Suddenly all my rules reverted so that every "moved message" was moved to the inbox. Even after I corrected this, none of the rules seem to be working or applying. It basically rendered all my rules useless.

Sure I can go back to creating rules in Gmail, but I'd prefer to create them in airmail because of the flexibility. Sure I can go back to creating rules in Gmail, but I'd prefer to create… more. If a folder is deleted, rules referencing folder coming alphabetically later erroneously change the folder they refer to. A rule filters incoming mail and moves it to folder C. I then delete folder B. The rule will erroneously move to folder D afterwards.

I've been using Airmail instead of the Mac Mail or Outlook itself to read and write messages using my business Outlook account. Recently I was trying to add a new filter rule for some messages and when I opened the "Rule Manager" tadah!

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I just noticed that, event though rules are working what means messages are been placed on the right folders as I set it for , there's not rules in there! Airmail isn't reading the list of rules I've set on my outlook account and, because that, I suppose that even though I set a new rule for something using Airmail, that rule will be only local available. Airmail isn't reading the list of rules I've set on my outlook account and, because that, I suppose that even though I set a new rule for something… more.

I have several rules to filter certain types of mail ads and newsletters, for example.

What Outlook for Mac Users can do when their Exchange mailbox is full?

These generally go like this: "Mark as Read", then "Move to folder x". But I still get OS X notifications for each of these emails. In Apple Mail, if I wrote a rule that said to mark a certain message as read, I would not see notifications for those emails. I would like similar functionality in Airmail, or at least the option to add "Do Not Send Notification" to my rules.

Use rules to manage emails you receive in Mail on Mac

In order to sort messages by header entries like "X-Mailer" it should be possible to select custom header entries in rule management. This could be an easy way to enable Spam-Management. I use some labels: "Del after 1 Week", " Thats very handy for e.

The next steps are crucially important.

How to Block a Sender in Mac OS X Mail

Making the wrong choice will be detrimental to your mental, and possibly physical health. Read them twice, three times for extra points, and make sure you're familiar with what you need to do before you proceed. Okay, ready?

Fig 3. The Rules window View a larger version. You will now get a message asking if you want to apply this rule to all existing messages. Click Apply so all existing messages will also be moved to the selected folder. Fig 4.


Rules warning message View a larger version. You have now successfully set up your message rule and all existing messages from the selected sender should now be moved to your desired folder and all future messages will go to the same folder. Fig 5.