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Once that site is extracted, it moves to another site located in another part of the map designated alphabetically in the HUD. Variations in matchmaking change the amount of time it takes to extract a site, or allow two sites to be available for extraction at the same time. Originated as a custom gametype in Halo 2 as "Zombies" and as an official gametype in both Halo 3 and Halo: Reach both as "Infected".

Unlike those modes, the brown-suited or green-suited in the Halo 2 gametype " zombie Spartans" were replaced by Spartans infected by the parasitic Flood with their own unique appearance. Each round starts with most of the players as Spartans, whose goal is to survive for the entire round. The remaining players, as Flood, must "convert" each Spartan by successfully killing them.

Spartans who are "converted" either by getting killed by Flood players or by suicide are automatically switched to the Flood team. The round ends after either three minutes in which the survivors get bonus points or all Spartan players are converted.

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While the teams are present in this game, players can only win individually by earning the most amount of points after all three rounds are complete. Spartan players earn points by killing Flood players 10 pts. Flood players earn points by killing Spartan players 10 pts. Spartan players have three loadouts to choose from: Guard with the Hardlight Shield ability , Operator with the Promethean Vision ability , and Scout with the Active Camouflage ability. Regardless of loadout, all Spartan players have a Shotgun starting with 18 shells and a Magnum with 24 bullets.

There are no ordnance or grenades. Flood players have three loadouts to choose from: Hunter with the Thruster Pack ability , Stalker with the Promethean Vision ability , and Lurker with the Active Camouflage ability. Regardless of loadout, all Flood players must use the Flood Talon as their weapon which function exactly like Energy Swords and have infinite ammo.

Regardless of Flood type, Flood players have enhanced armor abilities. In the variation used for matchmaking, friendly fire is disabled. Blue machinima series hence the "Grif" player, using the colors of the Grif character. A soccer -inspired arena objective mode for two teams in which players, armed with an infinite-ammo Gravity Hammer and an infinite-ammo Energy Sword, must possess a ball with the appearance and properties of the Oddball and deliver it to their enemies goal a small "drop zone" , in which the area soon explodes dealing damage to nearby players , giving the team a point.

Unlike the classic version of Grifball in the game's predecessors, the game does not play in rounds the ball respawns after the goal explodes. The team that reaches a certain amount of points or the team that has the most amount of points after the game timer depletes wins the game. All players have a significant damage increase in which successful direct hits are one-hit-kill , and must use specific melee timing tactics depending on what weapon each combatant currently equips the Gravity Hammer, the Energy Sword, or the Ball. Blue gains the Overshield powerup, damage resistance, and increased speed at the cost of being able to sprint.

Players always spawn near their goal. Friendly Fire is always enabled. The game can only be played in special Forged maps. Updates in matchmaking after the game's release tweaks some of the gametype's balancing such as weapon damage. New to Halo 4. Can only be played after saving the matchmaking variant to the hard drive. A sports-themed objective mode mixing elements of handball , basketball , and American football where players from two teams must possess a ball similar to the ball used for Oddball and Grifball and deliver it to their enemies' "zone" a rectangular area similar to a hill in King of the Hill either by running inside the zone while holding the ball for 50 pts.

Added on December 9, A free-for-all objective mode where players race nearly-indestructible vehicles around custom-Forged racetracks. All players spawn in the same vehicle type Mongoose, Ghost, Warthog, or Banshee and must complete laps around a series of checkpoints.

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Players who die or have exited their vehicle for five seconds quickly spawn in their vehicle at their last reached checkpoint. The first player to reach the final checkpoint or the player that has the most amount of checkpoints reached after the game timer depletes wins the game. Originated in Halo 3 but based on the Halo: Reach version.

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Added on December 23, A rally -themed objective mode where players from up to six two-player teams race their team's nearly-indestructible Mongoose towards a single pre-determined "hill" modeled after those from the King of the Hill mode. Once a team's Mongoose has reached the hill, that team gets a point and the hill is moved to another position.

Each team consists of one Driver who drives the Mongoose around with no motion sensor, attempting to reach the hill and one Gunner who rides in the Mongoose with a Rocket Launcher and a motion sensor, attempting to thwart and disorient the other Mongooses. Players who die by throwing themselves off a cliff or have exited their vehicle for five seconds quickly spawn in their vehicle.

Unlike previous versions, where players can only kill players who are not in a vehicle, players can not kill other players at all. Firefight Mode , Halo: Reach's co-operative wave-based survival mode , has been replaced with a new mission-based mode called "Spartan Ops", which are episodic co-operative campaigns split into ten "episodes", with each episode split into five missions, or "chapters".

Each episode includes its own pre-cinematic dealing with the crew of the UNSC Infinity , six months after the events of the main campaign, as they unlock the mysteries of the planet Requiem with help from infamous scientist Dr. Up to four players each with their custom SPARTAN-IV and custom loadouts team up on each mission as Fireteam Crimson, as they clear waves of enemies and fulfill objectives in custom levels, in sectioned-off parts of Campaign levels, and in certain War Games levels.

While players can form lobby games for any mission in Spartan Ops, players can also join others in matchmaking sessions. There are five playlists in matchmaking, one for each mission. All playlists change weekly, usually switching to a different episode.

Some weeks have a "Best Of" group of playlists, including popular chapters. Episode releases for the first half started on November 6, and ended on December 3, Episodes releases for the second half, which requires a separate free download, started on January 21, and ended on February 18, The popular "Forge" map-editing mode that was first introduced in Halo 3, and subsequently improved in Halo: Reach, is present in Halo 4 with even more upgraded functionality.

These new additions to the Forge toolset allow Forgers in Halo 4 to make maps with more creative geometry and aesthetically appealing designs than was possible in Reach:.

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Dynamic Lighting: In Reach, the Forge pieces that players could use to build their maps cast no shadows on the canvas map typically Forge World or on other pieces, and did not accept real-time shadows from the global light source of the map. This fact, along with the uniform gray color scheme of the Forge pieces, led to most Forge maps looking very similarly bland, which was a major source of complaint amongst the community.

In order to help address this problem of poor aesthetics, the Halo 4 Forge mode features a new "dynamic lighting" system which allows the Forge pieces to accept real-time shadows from the global light source, and to cast shadows of their own, allowing for more variability in map design. Player-Trait Zones: In Halo 4's Forge, map makers have the ability to designate special areas of the map and give players within those areas unique traits or abilities with the addition of "Player-Trait Zones" to the Forge sandbox.

Player-Trait Zones can be manipulated in the Forge space the same way that soft-kill zones or objectives zones Hill markers, etc. Forgers can use Player-Trait Zones to create a portion of the map where all players are invisible, for example, or create a zone with lowered gravity and increased jump height.

Object-Magnetism: While building a map in Reach, objects could be moved precisely by using a zoomed-in camera or even by changing their exact coordinates, but it was still cumbersome for a player to perfectly align separate pieces. The Halo 4 Forge mode has a "magnet" feature that streamlines the process of aligning Forge pieces.

Players can magnetize specific objects, which allows them to snap to other objects automatically for easier map building. Highlighting : Objects are illuminated in green when the player's reticle is hovering over them. This feature was added to make it less frustrating for Forgers to select the correct piece when modifying a map, because in Reach a player could not easily tell which piece they were selecting when there were many objects in close-proximity.

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Duplication : Forge Objects can be easily duplicated simply by highlighting the object and then selecting the "duplicate" option from the Forge menu. Locking: Objects can be locked in place, preventing them from being moved until the player chooses to unlock them. This feature was added to help players preserve their work-in-progress designs and keep pieces from being accidentally moved. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for:.

Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved. Video Quick Look: Halo 4. Overview Master Chief, about to crash-land on a mysterious world.

Story Prologue The game opens with a conversation between Dr. The Infinity The Chief escapes the core in a Ghost which he eventually manages to jump through a portal. The Ending The Chief finds himself without Cortana in a blue translucent sphere in space that appears to have properties similar to a hologram or light-bridge. Human Weapons Magnum - A semi-automatic handgun useful for short-to-medium ranged combat. Can be used in custom loadouts as the Secondary Weapon choice.

Assault Rifle - A fully-automatic assault rifle useful for short-to-medium ranged combat.


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Can be used in custom loadouts as the Primary Weapon choice. Battle Rifle - A battle rifle with a three-round burst and a scope attachment supporting 2x magnification useful for medium-to-long ranged combat. DMR - A semi-automatic marksman rifle with a scope attachment supporting 3x magnification , useful for medium-to-long ranged combat. Formally known as the "M Designated Marksman Rifle". Shotgun - A pump-action shotgun that is deadly in close-ranged combat. Formally known as the "M45D Tactical Shotgun".

SAW - A light machine gun very useful for suppression and close-ranged combat. Formally known as the "M Light Machine Gun". Sniper Rifle - A semi-automatic sniper rifle with an electronic scope that supports both 5x and 10x magnification that is deadly in long-ranged combat. Spartan Laser - A large weapon that fires a very powerful long-ranged laser beam that can cut through multiple enemies and deal heavy damage to vehicles. Each beam must be charged fully which takes roughly seconds , in which the weapon emits a loud sound and shines a red targeting laser.

It cannot be replenished by picking up ammo and must be dropped after being depleted and fires up to four shots. Rocket Launcher - A powerful rocket launcher with a scope attachment supporting 2x magnification. Sticky Detonator - A weapon that fires an adhesive grenade allowing it to stick to any surface. The grenade is remotely-detonated also with the fire button, meaning that only one grenade could be fired and detonated at a time. When the grenade is fired, a small radar pops out of the weapon, showing enemies that are nearby.

Formally known as the "M Remote Projectile Detonator". Railgun - A weapon that fires a quick-moving high-explosive grenade. Like the Spartan Laser, it requires a charging phase which is shorter, quieter, and does not have a targeting laser, but noticably glows blue. Formally known as the "Asymmetric Recoil Carbine". Frag Grenade - A standard timed fragmentation grenade with a three-second fuse.

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