Mac os x troubleshooting guide

Time Machine users can feel smug, as Spotlight will find files that don't currently exist but have been backed up. The software is built into OS X If you haven't set it up yet, you may need a disk-recovery utility such as Data Rescue 2. This detects and restores deleted files as well as tackling more general disk problems.

It's wise to stop using the disk as soon as you realise you're missing something; the likelihood of rescuing a deleted file depends on whether new data has been saved over it. Modern Macs are happy for you to run lots of apps at the same time — in fact, there's no limit. Yet your Mac has a finite amount of memory RAM , so what gives? It's done with 'virtual memory'. When Mac OS X runs out of space in RAM for all the programs and data you're using at once, it moves some of them to a hidden temporary file on the hard disk.

This works so seamlessly that you don't notice it.

  • 2. Run a Power Cycle!
  • Lost files, startup bugs, slow downs and Mac crashes fixed.
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But with a lot of apps on the go, it can end up happening each time you switch between them, and with major apps and large files this can take a little time. A solution is to close some programs. Deleting files from your hard disk won't help; it's the space in RAM that's the issue. So the answer is more RAM.

To check how much your Mac can take, select the model in the Memory Advisor at www. Upgrading may mean adding more memory modules or replacing the existing ones with higher-capacity chips. A solution to a troublesome Safari is to choose Reset Safari from its menu and reset everything.

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If there's a regular delay before pages load, perhaps Safari isn't looking for them efficiently. Pointing it to a specific DNS could speed things up. Choose OpenDNS. See www. Although hardly a catastrophe, this can be an ongoing source of vexation.

Single User Mode command to fix Mac that stucks at Apple Logo with a loading bar during Startup

Yet it's easy to fix once you know how. But if you habitually use Photoshop to work with photos, Preview may be irrelevant. Just a very short "bssshhhhrrrttttffffrrrpppp" the sound it makes at boot up, like it's about to throw up and the front indicator went out again. My Mac Pro worked until I updated the os to high Sierra. The Mac kept displaying something to do wth ICloud. When it is switched on the screen awakens, the Apple logo appears, the progress bar starts, very very very slowly proceeds but that is as far as we get.

When does it occur?

No further. You might consider reinstalling the operating system. That should provide a boot up menu either from your computer HD or another HD that you use as a backup. Options should include restoring a prior backup or reinstalling the operating system. Some of these options may delete personal files so use at your own risk. Thank you so much for your website! Awesome stuff! Your instructions were really instructive and clear.

Just by following your steps, I managed to get my crashed macbook back to health very fast well, 3 hours, but that is faster than sending it to the Apple workshop. Thank you so much! I turn off myMacBook Pro and when I turn back on, I get the apple with black line inching its way to the end.

Gets to the end and does nothing. I ran the hardware diagnostics and it said No Problem found. Me too. Disk First Aid showed my hard drive as being completely full.

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Isolating issues in Mac OS X

I'm going to try and delete some files and see what happens. Reset the SMC and the PRAM as you suggested above on my daughters 'dead for a year' macbook pro and it is currently running and happily backing up its files. We shall see how stable it is before jumping for joy!

Using a MacBook I know only 2 yrs old! Last week it shut off while I was using it. Thought a power glitch, restarted but it was stuck in a loop. Moments after showing the Apple ID screen, it shut off, sounded the chime and over and over it went. Tried all the suggestions you recommended.

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Files all said ok, only problem it said was an issue with the camera. Yea it booted up and I saved data to a jump drive. Worked fine for several days then it shut off again.

How to Troubleshoot Startup Problems With Your Mac

Now none of the above have an effect - just chime and loop. Took it to India this summer had a few power glitches there, destroyed a kindle fire and curling iron, scared something happened to my Mac. It has had a few problems since I got back, had to reinstall Office. Any help, please.? Thank you so much for this article. I have never heard of you or this website, but a quick Google search on my phone led me here.

I had physically shut my laptop while installing the new update. This saved me valuable hours and a trip to the apple store. I am typing this review on my laptop now because of you. Again, thank you a bunch. Great article. Thanks to this article I was able to open recovery partition. My main drive macintosh was grey and I could not run first aid on it. It also wasn't listed as a location to reinstall OS. I am backing up right now just in case this happens again!

Macbook pro 15" retina, purchased in fall of for anyone interested. Hi thank you for an excellent article. Nice to see a Vancouver ite so active. My problem is with a Mac desk top but the suggestions you make apply to the top as well. I found the s that came with the computer.

But First: Backup

I put in the Hardware disk and sure enough, miraculously, after pressing ''D key up came the Hardware Test screen. I pushed the Test box button and left the computer to do its test. After 4 hours the progress bar was within a centimeter of the end.