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Andrea Corbellini You can check the US with euro on 5 keyboard layout. I am using the latest version of Ubuntu and the only explanation that works is the changes in terminal, however, each time the computer is restarted it reverts to the old setting. The further explanation to make it permanent is not clearly described and needs to be expanded- remembering that we are not all at the same level: In Character Map , select Common. Better methods if you need to do this often: For more information on xmodmap read the following answer askubuntu.

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Excellent, this should be the accepted answer. Method 1 Use the compose key. To set the compose key in Choose Typing in the left column.

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Click Compose Key and choose an option from the pop-up list. Right-Alt is a common choice. Click Compose Key Position to expand the list of options. Method 2 Use the Alternative Characters Key also called the 3rd level chooser in earlier versions This way is a little more complicated to set up, but will give you a 2-character sequence. This requires dconf-editor.

Les claviers français V4 (avec Euro).

The setting looks like this: Nice memonic! Here's the keyboard layout: But came close with: It then appeared in my text. Name required. Mail will not be published required. October 8, at pm. Johannes says:.

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