Orecchiette mac and cheese recipe

I made this for myself tonight. I had 6 ounces of penne rigate on hand, so I scaled all the other ingredients up to the slightly higher quantity of pasta. I used an ounce of cheddar and half an ounce of pecorino romano in the sauce. Since mine was stale got lost in the back of the spice shelf I used vadouvan instead when I made the roux. I liked the way it turned out and had a hard time only eating half. I find it genius that this recipe is infinitely scalable.

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Well ok, maybe not infinitely, but easily scalable up to about a pound of pasta. I put more grated cheese on top and put it under the grill to brown. I have never made macaroni cheese from a packet. I add a little dried mustard powder and a teaspoon of stock powder to increase the flavour.

One-Pot Mac and Cheese

The comments remind me that years ago a cousin who is an excellent cook had her daughter come home from a sleepover raving about a dinner with I think meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Your opening comment, Deb, about the grocery store being your second home reminded me of my times in the grocery aisles with a child in the cart, almost 30 years ago now. I make the Martha version all the time but only half the recipe since we are only two people.

It reheats very well too. I even gave some to one of my neighbors who then wanted the recipe. When I was in college, back in the dark ages pre-internet, one of my roommates kept taking the cheese powder out of the Mac and cheese box to put on her popcorn.

We ended up with so many boxes of just plain noodles. She needed that big container of cheese powder! I made this tonight immediately after reading the recipe.

It’s Mac and Cheese Mania, come on and join in.

It tasted great, but turned out kind of gummy and all stuck together, not really saucy. It almost had the consistency of mashed potatoes before I added the pasta. I did use spaghetti it was already cooked in the fridge , which maybe made it all get stuck together even more, but I wish the sauce had been a bit more… loose. Do you have any suggestions? Hm, what kind of cheese? Was the spaghetti cold? That might have done it, where the sauce that would slip easily over hot, just-boiled pasta, would seize up on cold spaghetti.

Ah, yes. No worries, Deb. My daughters, now 25 and 26 how did that happen! Love Mac and cheese with steamed broccoli! Thanks, as always, for another winner! She whisks the flour into the cold milk FIRST and then puts it on the heat with the dollop of butter floating on top. I love it! Thanks for the tip! I used this to good effect. I made this with half parmesan and half sharp cheddar which I made twice as the first got scarfed.

I think this may now be my go-to fast mac and cheese recipe going forward. The Serious Eats 3 ingredient mac and cheese was my previous go-to fast recipe. You definitely need to check out this method. I have been making this rather than the boxed stuff for quite some time.

No traditional bechamel- just milk with flour and cheese. Works great for us every time. We used some hatch chile cheddar we had picked up in Wisconsin, which I can highly recommend. This was outstanding. I intended to double the recipe for two of us, but only had 5 oz of pasta in the pantry rookie mistake!

Bare Bones Mac 'N Cheese

I doubled the sauce and stirred in two cups of steamed broccoli along with the noodles. Also, I had the ends of a well-melting gruyere and a sharp Irish cheddar, so I subbed out about half of the pecorino for those. OMG it was good—warm, comforting, and oh-so-delicious. Thank you for yet another perfect and simple weeknight dish, Deb!

My partner is still talking about how great this recipe was.

Orecchiette Mac & Cheese Recipe : Italian Eating

Since you enlightened me to the difference between Morton and Diamond Kosher Salt, I hope you will be more specific which you used in any given recipe, please. Because of you, I now have both on hand along with a whole raft of others you had no influence over. Thanks, Deb! Until you posted about salt, I had no idea there was anything generally available other than Mortons.

My all time favorite is not Kosher, but Celtic Sea Salt. I also use pink Himalayan salt and Swedish flake often and occasionally fleur de sel or smoked salt. My husband thinks I am nuts to have so many different ones on hand, but I can taste the difference because I have a light hand.

Ultra Creamy Stovetop Mac and Cheese - Broma Bakery

Is this happening to anyone else? If yes, might it be possible to fix it? I made this after your insta-story and just now. Huge hit. Last year, while I was pregnant I had one truly prego meltdown.

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese with Mix-Ins

I was living in a foreign country where the cheese game was a bit sad and cheddar was nearly nonexistent. I spent the next 2 hours crying in bed trying to find a way to have some shipped to me. Every time I make it I overcook the roux and burn the flour. Your instructions are perfect! Learning to try everything and enjoy greens early and understand cooking makes a huge difference! Oh my god Deb.

Comfort food is absolutely required today. This saved a really crappy day for me yesterday! Used the pasta, tossed in this delicious homemade cheese sauce I used grated sharp cheddar and swooned with every bite of my well-earned comfort food dinner. Posts like this are why I love SK so so much.

I had a recipe similar to this except it also included dashes of garlic and onion powders and it was amazing and I made it all the time as a teen. It was the first meal that I would routinely cook by myself after, of course, the boxed version. Deb, how would this reheat? I would imagine not very well.