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I want every date in my spreadsheet to be a date, but Excel makes every date a date unless I hand-type every cell. Is there a way to set the year for the entire date column? Computers are supposed to do trivial, repetitive tasks like that in less than a second. OH my thanks so much! This year I tried several different solutions 'out there' on several blogs. THIS is the only one that worked. I am greatly relieved.

I don't understand how Microsoft can't fix this Debra, this is fantastic. I never leave comments but I felt like I really had to for this one. It has been plaguing me for ages. Your method worked perfectly even without the time stamp. It's fast and clean. And I love your step by step screenshots that are very clear. Kudos to you. Found this page via google search, and it was exactly the solution I needed for my problem.


If you don't mind adding a new column, I found using the TEXT function will get you the converted format you want. It works for any custom format allowed by Excel. A quicker way to delete the space in front of the date for those who have very large items to format would be to use the "Find and Select" feature in the tool bar.

Select the area of dates you want to change, Click the Find and Select This will remove the space in front of the dates allowing them to auto correct to your selected format!!! I was a fundi in Excel - MS somehow have managed to mess the date formatting and we spend hours trying to figure it out instead of doing our work - what is this rubbish and what were you guys thinking - something as simple as a date format you mess with - I can only imagine how messed up the formula functions are in Office - very frustrated and disappointed!!!

A little VBA code can handle this nicely. Give the range of dates you want to convert a name, either manually or by vba code. I'm named the range "rngDates". Have to manually copy date and time daily from received and sent emails from outlook and paste in excel in columns K4:K sent and L4:L received. Would be great if a macro button is provided to convert the text date in reqd.

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Thanks in advance Debra it's a fantastic site. Value If IsDate d Then c.

Need more help?

Hello, I have this stupid problem where I cannot change the date formatting. Can someone help me. I'm going crazy I check in google to see if I can solved my problem. I could see a lot of people has a trouble change date format but it doesn't solved mine.

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Here is what I already did. I copy a lot of data from several Excel. I can send an Excel with my problem. No Formula. I first separeted the date and time, it works but change the date formatting, isn't working then save my work in HTML but it isn't working, then save in CSV, it isn't working. Copy and paste and Notepad, isn't working. Clear all formating, isn't working No macro are visible. Well can someone has a new idea to help me out, I'm out of idea Please ask me the excel sheet and I will send it to you.

Thank you Kyrene. The method does not work for me - tried several times. I have to change it manually - can send you the file. Would be grateful for help.

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Debra, Have never used the text to columns fcn. It works as you showed perfectly for converting my text date fields to numeric date fields that I import from my bank and credit card companies every month. The "Paste Special" trick worked. I would have never thought of the step without this hint.

Someone really knows what MS Excel developers did in background to "make Excel" work This means if you try to SUM column A, you'll get a result of zero. In simple cases, it will just work and you'll get a numeric result. This forces Excel to try and convert the text value to a number to handle the math operation. If a cell contains non-numeric characters like dashes, punctuation, and so on, you'll need to remove those characters before you can convert to numbers.

You can also use the MID function in more complicated situations. The Excel LEFT function extracts a given number of characters from the left side of a supplied text string.

For example, LEFT "apple",3 returns "app". Formulas are the key to getting things done in Excel. You'll also learn how to troubleshoot, trace errors, and fix problems. Instant access.

Concatenate cell values

Skip to main content. If I try to value it, it gives an error or just spits the text back at me The text to column just spits it back out as it is, spaces and all. However, that isn't working now on number that has a decimal, and unfortunately the decimal is important. I had text in the following format " ,53" for arguments sake. Multiplying by 1 did not work but multiplying by 1 and then dividing by 1 in the same formula fixed the problem. Highlight the range you want to convert from text to number format. The value of the first cell in your selected range will display in the formula bar e.

Now the space between the two 1's is not really a space derived from pressing the space bar. Enter nothing in the "replace with? Launch the "Find and Replace all" button. Sim sala bim. I need to keep these as formulas as this is part of a dynamic model.. To piece this together in a worksheet cell, type an apostrophe in a cell before you paste the first line. Paste in the second two lines and then remove the apostrophe. The commenting system here truncates part of the formula when posted all in one line.

Oh my gosh thank you, I have an excel sheet where this problem occurs in 3 columns with 15, rows Hi David, I'm not sure I'm in the same situation as this forum discusses but I desperately need some help and I'm not that savvy with Excel.

How to make and use a table in Excel

I am trying to convert a cell which is text "Hourly" but this is a drop down list of another cell which represents the sum of F3:AJ3. Can I give the cell the numerical value of what "Hourly" represents? I need the "Total" to be able to calculate depending on if "Hourly" or "Daily are selected from the drop down list. Hope this makes sense and I appreciate your help in advance. Any help welcome, thanks!