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First I got a message saying my index was damaged and not to worry because Quicken would rebuild the index. Quicken crashed in the middle of rebuilding the index. On re-launching, I got a message saying 'Transaction File is Full. Ultimately, I got the same behavior and have just ordered Q for Windows. I'll see what the migration experience is like and report back.

This is probably a calendar issue in the OS. I also ordered Quicken Mac It did a pretty good job of importing my Quicken data. But reconciliations are squirrelly. I imagine I can fix this, but it's time consuming. Windows Quicken can import from Quicken Mac This messed up my investment portfolios.

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Meanwhile, I have a life, and much depends on paying bills and not bouncing the checks too high. So I loaded a backup losing some work and deleted some old accounts with a lot of transactions. Then I started re-entering transactions to reconcile accounts. Not knowing how many more transaction I could do before re-triggering the issue, I have made it my practice to quit after each reconciliation, make a copy and then reconcile the next account. At least that minimizes the re-work. So far, so good. Now I have some breathing room to fix issues with the migration to Re: issue Wmconlon is having with Q Not sure if this is the same problem, but Q does have a known issue with the number of stock quotes it can store in its internal database - I ran into this a couple of years ago.

Once you exceed that number the software behaves erratically. Again, not sure if this is your problem but try and see if this helps. Bhm Baron. This limitation pertains to the number of quotes that can be stored per security. The problem was discussed in great detail here in MacInTouch back in January This quotes limitation does not, to my knowledge, affect the total number of securities that can be monitored in a single Quicken data file; I have over in mine.

FWIW, any prices associated with security transactions purchases, sales, reinvested dividends, etc. For example, long-defunct companies whose ticker symbols have been "retired" — and whose quotes have been deleted due to "symbol not found"-type error messages, still have accurate pricing information associated with the kinds of transactions given above. I experienced application crashes that caused "corrupted index files" in data files intermittently with "early" versions of Quicken for Macintosh under Snow Leopard. I can't recall if I had ever discovered a consistent reproducible way to crash the application and damage the datafile.

Nor am I sure which update apparently solved this problem permanently, but it was prior to the current version I have never heard of a limit associated with the number of transactions, nor do I know any way to extract that information. I'd be curious to know how to do this, since my Quicken data file has nearly twenty years' worth of transactions scattered among numerous checking, savings, investment, credit card, and other account types. This still downloads but gives an incorrect figure of approximately Anybody able to download the Dow Jones average, and what symbol are you using?

According to Fidelity, "Industrea Acquisitions Corp. It intends to identify, source, negotiate, and execute an initial business operation with the purpose of effecting a merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganization or similar business combination with one or more businesses.

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The company was incorporated in and is based in New York, New York. As my parents would have said, " We should have such problems! Ric Ford. This still downloads but gives an incorrect figure Thank you for the suggestions. They were tried but to no avail At some point Quicken fixed to detect this. I've seen it a number of times with securities I've owned for over a decade. When you download historical quotes and maybe update quotes, but I never do that so don't know for sure , if a security has too many quotes, you get an error dialog telling you that and explaining how to fix it basically delete some quotes for the security in Security Detail.

I'm using Quicken Well, as it happens, I had this occur this morning. Quotes were successfully downloaded for securities. Here's how Could you please be more specific about how you determined that number? With as long as I have been using Quicken, I'm wondering if I am getting anywhere close to that size. I opened the. My first!

Account was at around line 8,, so there were probably or so accounts, categories, classes, and security definitions. My security pricing begins at line ,, and with 2 lines per prices that is , security prices, leaving about 66k transactions. It seems like it would be prudent to prune the security pricing. Thanks, but this is not the dialog I received in Quicken v Deleting two old accounts not security related allowed me to continue using Quicken to handle reconcilations and pay some bills before I went on holiday.

I do have a very large number of security prices about k , so it would be prudent to prune them. Today I upgraded to High Sierra and was presented with an error upon quitting Quicken. The error is "Quicken was not able to automatically back up your file. Quicken version for Mac is I don't recall ever needing those older registers and I use Time Machine and a cloner app, so this may be a non-issue.

I am a daily visitor to MacInTouch since forever and don't recall seeing this issue specifically. I was just wondering has anyone else seen this? Comments welcome.

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Thanks in advance. I get this every couple or three months, over the last few versions of macOS currently Sierra Not sure what causes it, maybe sleeping the Mac with Quicken open? In any event, I manually make a backup of the Quicken file and then open it again. Quitting then seems to correctly generate the backup trail of files.

If anyone has other information, I, too, am interested. I also see this behavior in Quicken for Lion but do not see it as a problem, and I have a SuperDuper backup, as well as Time Machine. BTW, not very pleased with ownership verification by new Quicken owners and locking down new file capability unless registered. Have always bought new versions of Quicken since hoping for improvements but losing patience and will continue to use Quicken until the end of time, I guess, even if it is in a older Mac OS in a VM.

I only use it for the register and reports, so stock quotes not a necessary item. At installation, Quicken creates a Quicken backup folder. On the Mac I just checked Sierra Does that folder exist on your High Sierra Mac? Asked another way, did it survive the conversion? Quicken preferences provides control of backups, including the ability to specify the target folder for backups. See where it points when opened. Consider pointing it at a new folder you create. Ah, back in the day when it was possible to click one button in Quicken and backup an encrypted, compressed DMG to MobileMe using an encryption password separate from the MobileMe ID and from the Quicken application login.

Pfffffft with iCloud. I, too, am amazed at the compression Retrospect achieves with the Quicken file and its many 10?

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However, I appreciate having them! I have been saved several times in the past when one Quicken bug or another, system problem, power failure at an inopportune time I now religiously use UPS's , or unexpectedly full disks trashed my live Quicken file. Clone the backup folder for safety and start opening backups one at a time, starting from the most recent backup until I get a success. Let me be a little more clear.

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At the time I was on Snow Leopard. Quicken contacted me via email, saying that they were offering an update that would allow you to continue using Quicken 7 going forward. I clicked on the link, downloaded it, installed it. A year later I updated to El Capitan, and it still works for what I needed it to do. This is why I questioned it. If you never received this email, it might be that you were further along in your OS than I was.

Snow Leopard in 2018 - Is it still usable?

I was curious. Joe O'Connor.

Quicken for Mac 2007 & Snow Leopard

Same here. I've been using the latest Quicken on an early MacBook Pro 15" that was upgraded to Sierra about a month ago. While I do not connect it online nor print checks, I've had pretty extensive usage of investments, reporting, and reconciliations. Thanks y'all for the clarifications regarding Quicken Mac version Does anyone know where I can go or who I can ask for a copy of that apparently free update I don't need the whole CD application as I bought that a long time ago on CD. Richard C. Some browsing on the Quicken forums seems to indicate that Quicken Customer Support may be willing to help you.

Just select QM support instead. Some of the cheapest places to purchase it are places like Amazon. I found a Quicken First I got a message saying my index was damaged and not to worry because Quicken would rebuild the index. Quicken crashed in the middle of rebuilding the index. On re-launching, I got a message saying 'Transaction File is Full. Ultimately, I got the same behavior and have just ordered Q for Windows. I'll see what the migration experience is like and report back.