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To wrap up, click on the Add button. The new shortcut is now in place. You might run into a few problems while remapping function keys, but there are workarounds for them:. Want to bring up your appointments quickly? Try a calendar key to launch your calendar app. Feel free to trade this for a clipboard key or an email key. If you rely on Notification Center widgets a lot, create a Notification Center key. If you prefer Dashboard widgets instead, use the same shortcut to open the Dashboard. A word count key to run a macOS word counter script when you select text is another useful idea.

You can make it work with similar functions provided by a third-party app like Dictater.

A page reload key to refresh webpages on macOS with the same shortcut used on Windows F5 is useful if you switch between the two operating systems often. Our guide to the Services menu will tell you more about these special actions. If you run out of function keys to use, start using them with modifiers like Option and Cmd for more shortcuts.

Here's how to remove dust from your keyboard and other settings to check that can fix your issue. Read More , turn to our troubleshooting guide. Your email address will not be published. I know I may not receive a reply but it's worth a shot. Hi Daniel, I'm not sure if you still have this question.

This OS is the least power user friendly system in existence. MacOS offers nothing to compete with these powerful uses.

Mac OSX: ‘Cannot Send F11 Keystroke’

This article adds nothing to bridge the gap. Hi there I realise this is a little after the horse has bolted, but wanted to see if I could get an answer. I currently have a full size wired keyboard but am moving to a non-fill size wireless one tomorrow. This is fine, apart from the fact that I use the enter button on the number pad A LOT the one with the up arrow underneath a horizontal line.

It is like pressing cmd-Enter, but by just pressing one key. Is there some way of remapping that to a function key or some other key? Any help much appreciated! Hi Nick, if you use the BetterTouchTool app mentioned in the article, you can configure a function key or any key of your choice to trigger the original key or keyboard shortcut i. Instead of switching to the Swedish keyboard layout, I would like to use the English keyboard layout all the times, but remap the numeric keys 1 through 6 on the numeric key pad to those letters.

How would I do that? This might be a little late to the party, but I just want f5 to paste my work email and f6 to paste my work address. I want f13 and 14 to do the same for my home address.

GitHub - google/terminal-app-function-keys: configuration handling Fn keys right

I am using a Logitech K at the moment, but I would switch to make this happen. I've tried setting and to auto-replace with my emails, but it doesn't seem to work for text fields or when I really need it. I'm doing a lot of keyboarding, and would like to add a delete key that isn't "so far away" from the rest of the keyboard.

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What would you do? It didn't seem to be addressed by your article, though granted, I only skimmed. Thank you very, very much, Sylvia. Well, what do you know! I've managed to work it out! Turns out I had been using the Spanish ISO keyboard which somehow got deleted from the input source options. As soon as I started displaying my keyboard in Spanish again, all the keys regained their original function.

Good news!

How To Quickly Open Terminal On Mac WORKING 2018 (EASY) - Macbook Pro Sierra Open Terminal OSX

Best :. Hi, Do you think you could help me revert to the original key assignment on my MacBook Air. Suddenly, symbols I used to be able to type using the shift key have changed. For example, I used to type inverted commas which are depicted above the number 2 by holding down shift and 2. Now when I do that, I get the symbol which is depicted beside the 2. All the other punctuation marks and symbols have also been changed and I have no way of accessing the most basic symbols such as question mark, inverted comma, forward slash etc.

Many thanks. I would be very grateful if you could point me in the right direction.

The Dual Role of Function Keys

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Switch only some function keys with FunctionFlip

Maythux Maythux Therefore if you can't use F10 , use q lowercase. Volker Siegel 9, 4 4 gold badges 36 36 silver badges 50 50 bronze badges. Note that this is a lower-case q , not a capital one. This is not a gnome-terminal issue. All sorts of other options apart from q. Open another terminal and kill it from there. Kill it from the System Monitor task list. Close the terminal window. These assume a desktop environment.